"Projeto Vida Verde,
because everything
is not always pink"
Carlos Buby

Templo Guaracy

Templo Guaracy of Brazil (TGB), sensitive to the social problems that affect a great part of our population, created the Projeto Vida Verde (Project Green Life). The main objective is to "stop" the children from going to the streets. The goal is to support the social strengthening of the parents and family. We believe that, in a more profound dimension, abandonment must be philosophically analyzed and fought in three dimensions.

From a historic point of view, the methods used in the colonization of Brazil left deep marks of unlimited sectarism. Since then, opportunities were never the same for whites, blacks and Brazilian native people. The fact is that the arguments that we use to explain abandonment do not always focus on our own omission. To fight this omission and recognize the individual responsibilities could represent the first step to eliminate the discriminations hidden in the counter-arguments. It is clear that this is not accomplished overnight. It requires planning and conscious citizens. However, if every year more and more children leave their homes for the streets, the problem will never end. More institutions will have to be created to meet the "demand". This is like bleeding that requires immediate attention. We must stop the "hemorrhage" immediately and at the same time, make all the resources available so that the children may build within themselves the moral values that they need for a life with dignity. Those values are everything, that, in its essence, expands the human capacity of giving and receiving love. Without the essential references, it becomes impossible to perceive, repeat or transmit this ability.

The images of the loving mother and the father "hero" are fundamental as an initial model to be followed. These are natural references, critical in the formation of moral values without distortions. Independently from its socio-economic situation, a child is a child, and must be treated as such. Despite the apparent differences between social classes, the pain is the same. The idea of the Templo Guaracy is the reorganization or the maintenance of the family structure. The social assistance proposed by the philosophy of Templo Guaracy is not exempt of solidarity campaigns and of the fight against poverty. However, when a toy is given to a child, it is the father of the child himself, who will give it. The moralization of the parents in the presence of the children is more important than the toy itself. With this objective, the campaigns developed by Templo Guaracy are done individually, anonymously and do not have any type of connotation that could be interpreted as religious, doctrinaire or ritualistic.

The Projeto Vida Verde also includes the Mataganza, a privileged natural preserved area. This area was transformed into a nature reserve with the support of IBAMA (the environmental protection agency of Brazil). At Mataganza, children of different ages develop a connection with nature and strengthen their social skills. Creating an ecological consciousness has shown surprising results, not only in the philosophical dimension of an integrated life, but in the psychological and emotional organization of the children. Wild animals, pets, herb garden, vegetable garden, fruit trees, trails, horse rides, soccer field, movies, talks, painting and craft-making classes are all part of Projeto Vida Verde. TGB and its volunteers maintain this entire infrastructure.

Children are not submitted to any doctrine of any kind.