Umbanda free of charge

By Carlos Buby

Not charging for the spiritual services provided by Templo Guaracy, or in its name, is a requirement of the Caboclo Guaracy. With the passing of the years, that determination became an ethical fundamental. Being an associated member is optional and doesn’t affect in the provision of spiritual services. Therefore, every person can access the spiritual services offered in the public meetings (Giras) or in private consultation, free-of-charge. No medium and/or entity has the right of collecting from those assisted, direct or indirectly, any value or benefit regarding spiritual services.

According to the Caboclo Guaracy, spirituality is a dimension that transcends the world of the “weights and measures”. Therefore, to rate a spiritual act, evaluating it based on materialistic criteria, is the same as measuring Love based on interest. The quality of the relationship established between the person assisting and the person assisted is fundamental for reaching an ideal spiritual plane. Without that plane, it is impossible to establish the connection with Entities of Light. When it is Solidarity, on both sides, that rules the work, the conditional restrictions disappear, leading to moral strength. We considered moral strength a state of Consciousness, and not just an Egocentric manifestation.

Not charging is not an exclusive prerogative of the Templo Guaracy. The great majority of Umbanda temples work without seeking other interests than the spiritual benefits that they provided. They are institutions committed with the principles of reciprocity. Their fundamentals are transparent and their methods are strictly in tune with a very defined philosophy. Among many Temples certainly worthy of our respect, we can mention Temple of the Pai Acarai (Iyálorixá Antônia), Temple of the Pai Taquiri (Iyálorixá Vera), Temple of the Pai Tamoio (Iyálorixá Juliana), Temple of the Pai Ogum Beira Mar (Babalorixá Alexandre) and so many others that were constituted inspired in the love of their fellow men and women.

It should be mentioned that some traditions, originally based in the precepts governed by the “Law of Forest”, feel that they have the right of stipulating a “symbolic value” for the performance of some types of rituals. Among those, we can mention the Game of Búzios (divination by throwing cowry shells), the Consecrations of grounds, etc. Even though they are few, some Umbanda temples follow such precepts and, for that reason, the no-charge approach cannot be generalized. Because of the vague stance on what may be a “symbolic value”, the theme becomes easily controversial and creates margins for exaggerations.

“Life creates the problem, the world
creates the form and we give its size.”
Carlos Buby