The “demon’s” other face

By Carlos Buby

Somebody created the demon and, without knowing what to do with it, sent it to Umbanda with a “certified copy” to Candomblé and other traditions. Responsible for the failures and misfortunes of the world, the demon transformed itself into a good justification, and why not say it, a relief for those who, “unable” to perceive or assume their own mistakes, prefer to blame evil forces.

With a lot of effort, we can understand the symbolism contained in the Greek expression daimónion, which refers to a form opposing “good”. However, to feed the belief that a war exists between good and bad is the same as professing polytheism. In spite of everything being created by one God, certainly oneness was not His final objective because, if it had been so, Nature would not be so diverse and the natural balance would not be the result of implacable predators. Therefore, classifying instinctive phenomena as demoniac expressions is the same as to blame Time for our aging process.

There are people who say that demons are thinking beings capable of interfering in people’s conscience and, this way, drive them to suffering because of their estrangement from God. We have no doubt that the estrangement from God causes suffering and deep malaise. However explaining the different reasons that cause the disconnection from the Essence of Life with religious speeches limits the problem at the level of religious faith. This is very dangerous, because human beings act and react according to what they believe. And to believe in the demon is the best way to make it real, not in the theological aspect, but psychologically.

Templo Guaracy admits the existence of evolved spiritual beings as well as other spiritual beings in the process of evolution. However, all, without distinction, are considered children of God and worthy of the respect of all. Even those who inhabit the most obscure spiritual planes are not discriminated nor excluded. What would be the reactions in our social world if the drifters were marginalized, the poor excluded, the children abandoned, the blacks without opportunities, the natives decimated, the prostitutes stoned, the homosexuals discriminated and “salvation” be the exclusive privilege of the ones who have good will? These are thoughts that don’t mean, however, any indignation. We feel revolted when such social injustices are just simply attributed to the demon. Tame the Dragon and George will be Free.

“To act in bad faith to deceive weak people
is as easy as to create a demon.”
Carlos Buby