“Ever since the world began, all religions, have developed theories and myths about the origin of the universe. These creation myths, generally very rich in symbolism, are known as cosmogonies. The emergence of Being from the void cannot, however, be the focus of the history of existence without evidence. Its First Cause is also intangible and unknowable. The only reality that can be perceived is the fruit of creation, the creature, and not the process of creation itself. Cosmology, in any form, seems to be structured from the perspective not of the observation and the comprehension of the primary cause, but of its of tangible effects. Templo Guaracy offers us a comprehensive and, easy to understand, cosmology system. The temple calls “Xirê of the Orixás”, this map of the origins of the world, built on the foundation of the wisdom of the spiritual entities and experiments in modern science.” Luis Pellegrini

The elements of nature, its laws and processes, are the basic components for the creation of the Xirê. Consistent with its cosmogonic principles, Templo Guaracy recognizes Nature as its Sacred Scripture. This is where life can be read, and the “encounters” with God can occur through the pathways of perception.

When it was founded in 1973, Templo Guaracy viewed the creation of the world within the foundation of Catholic teachings. Then, the Word of God was heard according to the vision of zealous priests. Later, with the Xirê of the Orixás, the community of Templo Guaracy was inspired to See and Perceive the Word of God manifested in the different phenomena of Nature. The transformations which are taking place at every moment in the rivers, the forests, in the migration of birds, in the reproduction of animals, in the seasons and their effects, in the way in which things are constructed and “destroyed” in order to be reconstructed in another dimension, in an intelligent way, without hurry, — these processes represent the base of support for the doctrine of Templo Guaracy. When we associate the Wisdom of Nature with the Light of our understanding, we recreate the World!

Templo Guaracy does not hold to the belief that Man reigns over the birds, the fish and the animals. Templo Guaracy’s philosophy advocates mutual respect between all forms of life which inhabit our planet. The dominance of Man has not peacefully co-existed well with the stability of the universe and even with the well being of Mankind itself.

The Xirê of Templo Guaracy recognizes in the four Elements (Fire-Earth-Water-Air) and in the combination of their sixteen qualities (Elegbara-Ogum- Oxumarê -Xangô-Obaluãe-Oxossi-Ossãe-Oba-Nanã-Oxum-Iemanja-Ewa-Iansa-Tempo-Ifa-Oxalá) the forces and basic energies responsible for the compositions of Life and its dynamic in the world of form. From the perspective of Templo Guaracy, both the elements and their sixteen qualities are forces and energies of nature which, through the effects of anthropomorphism, are transformed into Orixás. From the religious point of view, this is too simplistic a vision to deal with so complex a subject, one which embraces thousand year-old traditions whose cultural influences predate Brazil itself. However, it is important to emphasize that in Brazil, the Orixás are worshipped within their own different customs and traditions. The Xirê of Templo Guaracy reclaims the history of a people who constructed a nation with the freedom of the Soul.

“Sing for your soul because the
Universe is already dancing for you.”
Carlos Buby