The Babalorixá

My name is Sebastião Gomes de Souza. During the seventies and eighties, I alternated my commitments between nursing, music and the development of Templo Guaracy. In the artistic world I made very good friends who gave me the name of “Carlos Buby”, which is still with me today. Nursing was for me a great initiation. During the troublesome watches, where pain and love coincided, it was moving to observe tenderness coming before science.

My story is simple, as simple as my origins. A childhood as a kid of the Northeastern region of Brazil and an adolescence spent in the city of São Paulo, greatly influenced the formation of my psychological, social and religious perspectives. The family religious tradition, with its foundations in Catholicism, was the “window” through which I first saw the valuable elements of a doctrine. Without this initial base, my concepts about issues like those involving Life and Death most certainly would have been different.

The founding of Templo Guaracy in 1973 allowed me to put into practice all the knowledge and wisdom that was not revealed by the limited scope of concepts and ideas. The encounters with Nature, the ritualistic gatherings, the bonding of the group, the songs, the dances, the spontaneous solidarity, the research, the supporting rituals for healing, the personal spiritual assistance, became a part of my life and of the daily life of many friends loyal to the principles of the Caboclo Guaracy.

“If I do not do for all,
all I do is because of all.”
Carlos Buby